Featuring the seventh Doctor and Mel, this adventure takes place between DELTA AND THE BANNERMEN and DRAGONFIRE.

This is another cover where I actually had a setting already fully imagined. Africa is a setting that hasn't been in used in a whole Who story so far, and I wanted to give Mel a story with a darker setting than her stories in Season 24. This takes place in the 'hot zone' of Zaire, where the Ebola virus was discovered in 1976, Mombassa, and features seventeenth century pirates from the Serengetti. As you do.

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Featuring the seventh Doctor and Ace, this adventure takes place between REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS and THE HAPPINESS PATROL

This was my first McCoy cover. I did have a few ideas behind this, but I think this cover works best with no explanation - enigmatic! I may have been subliminally influenced by "Demontage", I think...


Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace, this adventure takes place between SILVER NEMESIS and THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY

This was a bit of a silly one, really. The Doctor and Ace encountering a young Gustav Lytton - just a flippant twist on the fact that every bloke Ace cops off with or fancies ends up as gun bait. The Doctor would try and stop Ace from getting off with him (knowing full well of his eventual fate) but - in typical Seventh Doctor fashion - wouldn't actually deign to tell Ace why! Cue NA-style 'the Doctor's a bastard' angst and pain! OK, I may have been taking the piss slightly here...


Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace, this adventure takes place between THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY and BATTLEFIELD

I'm not Ace's biggest fan (I think she's been done to death, frankly - literally according to "Ground Zero") but I did find their 'best friends'/'teamwork' partnership in the early stories very endearing, so in a way it's a shame that the Doctor put her through so much angst in her 'coming of age' trilogy of Fenric, Ghost Light and Survival (and later the NAs)... I once did a short story where the Doctor takes Ace on holiday for a chilled-out weekend, as a kind of last chance to enjoy their friendship before taking on Fenric (which, of course, he knew about in advance) and so this cover came from that. I didn't have much to work with in terms of one low-quality image and one tightly-cropped one, so I kept it simple.


Featuring the Seventh Doctor and the fourth Doctor (no continuity placement)

This is the BBC-style cover of the Missing Adventure multi-Doctor story featured in my Fourth Doctor gallery. As with "A Switch In Time" I used a negative/solarised effect for the highlighted oval section to make it a bit more striking - compare with original version (see thumbnail, left)


Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace, this adventure takes place between THE GOOD SOLDIER and EVENING'S EMPIRE

The Zygons (along with the Terileptils) are one of my favourite aliens that were only used in a single TV story. The picture of the Zygon here is actually from the photo session for Tony Keetch's BBV audio "The Barnacled Baby".


Featuring the Seventh Doctor (no continuity placement)

This was created as an alternate cover on the virus theme of "African Night Flight", or maybe as a sequel perhaps?


Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace, this adventure takes place between SHADOW OF THE SCOURGE and THE LAST WORD.

Ace in Starship Trooper mode, with a 'oh my god what have I created?' Doc!


Featuring the Seventh Doctor, this story is a sequel to GODS AND MONSTERS

The second of my Infinites trilogy, again depicting Collings, Stephens and Rhys-Meyers... without the influence of the mother figure, the Infinites have become more corrupt and destructive. McCoy's portrait is possibly a bit intrusive, to the right is a Doctor-less cover I tried out.


Featuring the seventh Doctor (no continuity placement, appropriately enough!)

It'd be much more fun to do a story where dis-continuity is embraced, rather than taking the approach of trying to sledgehammer it all into one boring linear whole. Yes, that is the controversial scene from "Ground Zero" peeking out of the book...