Featuring the fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry this adventure takes place between DOUBLE TROUBLE and MENACE ON METALUPIER

Nothing more than wanting to do a cover with different Cybermen on it! Looks cool, though.


Featuring the fourth Doctor and Sarah, this adventure takes place between THE EYE-SPIDERS OF PERGROSS and THE TANSBURY EXPERIMENTS.

A return to a historical style, with a Great War setting. "Dulce et Decorum Est" is Wilfred Owen's war poem, which I had drilled into me at school year after year! It began as a Missing Adventure cover utilising a detail from "The War Games" (see thumbnail, right) but I think the finished BBC-style version is far superior in every possible way!


Featuring the fourth and fifth Doctor, this adventure takes place between the stories THE ANDROID INVASION and THE BRAIN OF MORBIUS, and for the fifth Doctor between THE SIRENS OF TIME and EXCELIS DAWNS

Another (!) multi-Doctor cover, again originally created as an MA. The original cover worked well as the two illustrations of the Doctors, although from different Annuals (1980 and 1982) both appear to be drawn by the same artist. You can't get more of a contrast than between these two incarnations. For time settings, I would feature the 'alien' fourth Doctor of Season 13 and the grittier fifth Doctor of Season 22. I recently created a BBC Books-style cover for this title (see thumbnail, right) which can be viewed properly on the Fifth Doctor page.


Featuring the fourth Doctor

THis cover was originally created for 'MAUSOLEUM' (see below) based on a castle from Skomer Island, not far from where I live, but I enjoy covers with Doctors outside of theior 'uniform' and Tom looked damn cool in his 'ZYGONS' highland gear. The title comes from my second favourite Tintin story, 'THE BLACK ISLAND'.


Featuring the fourth Doctor and Sarah, this adventure takes place between THE PESCATONS and EXPLORATION EARTH: THE TIME MACHINE

A fishy Missing Adventure.The sidebar illustrations come from two DWM covers, coincidentally both are from "Pyramids Of Mars" stills! The Sea Devil is another DWM cover, whilst the Silurian is a detail from Chris Achilleos's cover for "The Cave Monsters".


Featuring the fourth Doctor and Leela, this adventure takes place between THE LIVING WAX and THE POWER

I hit upon the idea of a cover using Aleister Crowley's Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as its' historical setting. The monochrome portrait is of Golden Dawn member W.B. Yeats. With the Doctor and Leela, again I wanted to use a picture of the regulars not in their standard outfits - the Doc in his "Talons" getup, and Leela in her "Fang Rock" sweater does screw up continuity a bit, but what the heck.


Featuring the fourth Doctor and Leela, this adventure takes place between PSCIENCE FICTION and DRIFT

This picture of Tom comes from the back of the Annual 1980 and used to scare the crap out of me. Although you can't really tell, I was going for a 'film noir' "LA Confidential"/"Sunset Boulevard" feel here, perhaps with a Robert Holmes-style gothic subplot updated to the 1930s setting (as with Mr Sin being a "Murders In The Rue Morgue" crib in "Talons")


Featuring the fourth Doctor, this adventure takes place some time after THE DEADLY ASSASSIN.

One of my first MA covers, and the one I like the most, as it's a bit different. Both illustrations of Tom come from the '70s annuals - notorious for their random use of stock publicity stills, but I made it into a virtue here. As I said before, images of the Doctors in mufti (or stills of the actors in other parts) always set my imagination alight, causing one to speculate on other sides to the Doctor or stories that haven't been told.

My inspiration behind creating this cover was a different slant on Paul Cornell's "Human Nature", a humanised Doctor who has lost his 'Doctorishness' (as the mundane casual clothes suggest). I hate to use the cliches 'temporary amnesia' and 'identity crisis' but there could be a bit of that behind this persona too, which is why in my mind's eye I set it sometime after "The Deadly Assassin" - I always imagine that the fourth Doctor's two visits to Gallifrey probably send him a bit barmy, and presumably there's an undocumented series of solo travels before we next meet up with him again on TV, which might provide an opportunity to focus on the fourth Doctor's character without his companions to play off against. In a way, even though Baker's Doctor is the most familiar in the public psyche, we never really get under the skin of his Doctor, except for the odd insight in "Pyramids Of Mars", "the Ark In Space" or "Brain of Morbius" where his alien qualities appear from under the surface...


Featuring the fourth and seventh Doctor, this adventure takes place between THE INVASION OF TIME and THE RIBOS OPERATION, and for the seventh Doctor between THE SIRENS OF TIME and LAST OF THE TITANS.

I've been warned that a multi-Doctor cover screams 'fanwank', but I can't resist the temptation to try out unusual partnerships of Doctors; and the combination of the fourth Doctor post-"Invasion Of Time" (which saw him at his darkest and most manipulative) with the seventh Doctor, the chess-player, was interesting to me. This was originally created as a Missing Adventure cover, using a composite of two DWM cover paintings, but I recently went back to the drawing board to create a BBC Books-style cover (see thumbnail, right) which can be viewed properly on the Seventh Doctor page.


Featuring the fourth Doctor and Romana I, this adventure takes place between TERROR ON XABOI and X-RANI AND THE UGLY MUTANTS

A late addition to my covers, you would think that The Key To Time leaves little room for additional stories, but several authors have already been there ("The Shadow Of Weng Chiang", "Heart Of TARDIS" and "The Tomb Of Valdemor")...or it could be sometime between "The Armageddon Factor" and "Destiny Of The Daleks". Anyway, Ms. Tamm looks damn fab here, so that's good enough. A bit of a throwback to the Galactic Federation space-operas of the third Doctor's era.


Featuring the fourth Doctor and Romana, this adventure takes place between THE WELL-MANNERED WAR and THE LEISURE HIVE.

As with "Blue Harvest", giving a Doctor another Cyberman story. The "Revenge" Cyberman comes from the "Doctor Who Technical Manual" book, and long-time fans of the comic strips may find the title familiar!


Featuring the fourth Doctor and Romana, this adventure takes place between THE LEISURE HIVE and MEGLOS.

My favourite Fourth Doctor cover, partly because everything came together perfectly - the title, the imagery, the colour - and also because I adore Tom Baker's last season, with its overarching theme of entropy and decay. Romana's sailing gear is certainly more apt here than on Brighton Beach, given the "Death In Venice" (the film) influence. And is that a Watcher on the bridge?


Featuring the fourth Doctor and Adric, this adventure takes place between THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN and LOGOPOLIS.

Another homage to the general ambience of Season 18. Adric was a last-minute addition to the cover - I quite enjoyed the nascent tutor/pupil relationship he briefly shared with the fourth Doctor in their stories, which was certainly less grating than the conflict-ridden dynamics of the subsequent TARDIS crew, so it would be nice to see this combination at work in a few more stories.