Featuring the third Doctor (no continuity placement).

Very fond of this one! I always enjoy experimenting with different looks for the Doctor and his companions - in this case, "The Deadly Assassin" seems to have been an inspiration! Two scenarios suggest themselves for this cover - the Doctor being tempted to join the ranks of the CIA to do some dirty work in return for having his exile broken, or (perhaps more interestingly) a 'what if?' story. Of all the Doctors, it's probably the third that would have most embraced that haughty, authoritarian, 'I know best' role; and I always loved the acerbic side to his nature in early stories such as "The Claws Of Axos" and "Inferno".


Featuring the third Doctor (no continuity placement).

How camp can you get? As you may have worked out, a homage to the Two Ronnies classic 'role reversal' sketch. In an earlier version of this cover (see thumbnail, left) I used Corporal Bell, but decided instead to plump with Liz Shaw in her 'jackbooted bitch' "Inferno" persona... Pertwee's washerwoman drag turn was the icing on the cake!


Featuring the third Doctor (no continuity placement).

A "Doctor Who"/"Look And Read" crossover, featuring characters from "The Boy From Space". Lots of location film, blond aliens in nylon suits, starring roles for John Woodnutt and Gabriel's early 1970s "Doctor Who" in all but name anyway!


Featuring the third Doctor (no continuity placement).

The Doctor travels sideways in time, and finds UNIT has been replaced by a man with an unconvincing wig and women with purple hair defending Earth against aliens from underneath a film studio... A "UFO" crossover!


Featuring the third Doctor and Jo, this adventure takes place between TERROR OF THE AUTONS and THE MIND OF EVIL.

Another fun cover. Season 8 is total pop art anyway - shop window dummies coming to life, and all that CSO...


Featuring the third Doctor and Jo, this adventure takes place between THE SEA DEVILS and THE TIME MONSTER.

The three guys on this cover are James Clarke Maxwell, Heinrich Hertz and Nikolai Tesla. Inspired by RECKLESS ENGINEERING, THE TIME WARRIOR and TIME AND THE RANI (kidnapping scientists), LOGOPOLIS (entropy and thermodynamics) and my ASTRONOMY DOMINE cover. The 'devil in the machine' of the title is 'Maxwell's Demon', a hypothetical experiment devised by James Clarke Maxwell to challenge the third law of thermodynamics. Maxwell's work was a big influence on Hertz and Tesla, who were at the forefront of the radio revolution. If I actually knew more about sciency stuff this might be quite interesting, but so far it's just a rather interesting looking cover!


Featuring the third Doctor, this adventure takes place after THE THREE DOCTORS.

I revisited this cover for the First Doctor gallery, where you can see a de-Pertwee'd version of this cover. The vague concept behind this cover was of the first Doctor, immediately following "The Three Doctors", is snatched in a time eddy en route to his original timeline and kidnapped by a druidic sect on an island who incarcerate him, hoping to get the secrets of time travel, and the third Doctor is sent to save him. (yeah, I know, shades of "Interference" - I'm not a very original thinker!) What with this and "Thieves In The Temple", you'd think I had a thing about banging-up doddering old Time Lords - I haven't got it in for Hartnell, honest! The title comes from a John Cale song covered by Bauhaus, which goes a long way towards explaining the gothic theme of this cover.


Featuring the third Doctor and Jo, this adventure takes place between CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS and FRONTIER IN SPACE.

...or "The House That Frank Built", for those of you who recognise the mansion in the bottom corner! I didn't go so far as creating a full-blown "Rocky Horror" crossover, it was just the best picture of a spooky house I could find - although the idea of the UNIT boys in stockings and suspenders is strangely amusing (I reckon Benton would've been up for it!) Initially I had in mind a "Fall of the House of Usher"/"Turn of the Screw" vibe, hence the title - I know it's also a Big Finish audio drama, but tell me honestly, which is the better cover? ;->


Featuring the third Doctor and Jo, this adventure takes place between CATASTROPHEA and LAST OF THE GADERENE.

This started life as a Target hommage (see thumbnail, right), with all the trad elements of a Pertwee-era romp: the Doctor doing combat on the gladiatorial planet of Raston while Jo recieves sexual advances from alien princes! (yes, "The Curse Of Peladon" is a favourite of mine!) I made a BBC-style cover later, but I still think that the Target version is the more effective of the two!


Featuring the third Doctor, this story takes place between THE GREEN DEATH and THE TIME WARRIOR.

It always struck me as a bit odd that "Planet Of The Daleks" never really tied up the loose ends of "Frontier In Space" - enter Daleks, Master sods off. With the Master surely wanted by both the Draconian and Earth empires (and the Daleks probably hot on his tail for the Doctor sabotaging their invasion force on Spiridon) there'd be room for a sequel, with the Doctor caught in the middle of his arch-enemy and the two superpowers, so this is my humble attempt at completing a trilogy.


Featuring the third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith, this adventure takes place between DEATH TO THE DALEKS and THE MONSTER OF PELADON.

Created for nothing more than the simple reason that the third Doctor never encountered the Cybermen on screen until "The Five Doctors". To be honest, it could do with a bit more work (the two Cybermen are rather shoddy ones from Doctor Who exhibitions in the '70s, with the wrong chest units!) but I like the blue scheme. Trivia - "Blue Harvest" was the working title of "Return Of The Jedi".


Featuring the third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith, this adventure takes place between DEATH TO THE DALEKS and THE MONSTER OF PELADON.

I've always been fascinated by Mary, Queen of Scots and although I could't find much photographic representation of her, this was an effort in that direction, encouraged by 'THE TIME WARRIOR' (Pertwee should have had more historicals!!!).


Featuring the third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith, this adventure takes place between K9 AND COMPANY and THE FIVE DOCTORS.

A stab at a 'rural village'/'pagan'-style story, a la "K9 And Company", "The Daemons" and "The Hollow Men". Yes, that is a "Five Doctors" Pertwee - I'm sure I had a good reason for it at the time!